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October 21 2012


Mgt 420

Servant Leadership Paper
Mgt420 - Servant leadership often has been associated with the Bible and Jesus Christ but does this make it compatible with all religions? Can philosophical viewpoints be applied to servant leadership? Leadership can be accomplished in many ways; there are many theories that can be applied dependent on a company’s policy or persons beliefs. Is there a definitive way to decide which theory is right in a given situation? People have written papers, essays, as well as books on the subject and still no one has a definite answer.
“Greenleaf describes servant-leaders as people who initiate action, are goal-oriented, are dreamers of great dreams, are good communicators, are able to withdraw and re-orient themselves, and are dependable, trusted, creative, intuitive, and situational” (Keith, 2010, p.1).

Mgt 420 - The Path-goal theory identifies four leadership styles directive, supportive, achievement-oriented and participative. House advises leaders to use styles that complement the needs of a given situation.  

hcs437 - This type of leader I have seen in my own personal employment. I worked as a Pharmaceutical sales rep for over 20 years and many times I saw this type of Path-goal theory at work. I worked for a while under supervisors and then directly under the owner, all of them were goal oriented.
hcs 437 - I would say the owner was the most participative and supportive, even though he was achievement oriented and directed also. He never was a person that stayed in his office, he was always on the sales floor and his door was always open. There were times when personal problems would interfere with work and if there was anything he could do to solve the problem or help with it he would.

Mgt 420
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